Australia's Energy Technology Platform

Who we are?

Australia's Energy Technology Platform is all about connecting technologies to operators and end-users to address challenges and opportunities across the global energy resources sector.

The challenge many Australian operators and end-users face are that there are thousands of technologies on the market, but it can feel impossible to quickly find what is available and compare it to other options.

That is where Australia's Energy Technology Platform can help.

About the Platform

Recognising the challenges faced by many Australian technology suppliers to deploy their technologies, NERA (National Energy Resource Australia) has partnered with to create Australia's Energy Technology Platform to enable innovators to connect with operators and deploy their technologies rapidly.

About National Energy Resource Australia (NERA)

National Energy Resource Australia (NERA) has been established to maximise the value to the Australian economy by having an energy resource industry that is globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse. Through a national focus, NERA's goal is to grow collaboration and innovation to assist the energy resource industry manage cost structure and productivity, direct research to industry needs, deliver the future work skills required and promote it for purpose regulation.

For more information about NERA's activities across the energy resources sector, visit the NERA website.

About is the fastest-growing technology platform that aims to connect Oil & Energy companies with innovative technologies. We make finding technology in the energy industry as easy as finding a restaurant and provide access to all required support to help you position your technology for success and get deployment done.

Over the years, we have facilitated more than 1000 technology deployments for tens of different operators. Our platform was developed based on the first-hand experience that it is often difficult for decision-makers to stay up to date on available technology-driven improvement opportunities for their business.