Frequently Asked Questions

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How can support technology suppliers and end-users? 

Suppliers often do not have a clear picture of who to target for their technologies, while end-users are often overwhelmed, or not abreast, of all relevant technologies available in the market. addresses these challenges by bringing together end-users, tech suppliers, and tech experts in one platform. The free tech pages we offer allow suppliers to be visible to potential clients in the energy sector and related industries all over the world, with our premium features giving them more insights on the users viewing their tech pages. 

End-users, on the other hand, can refer to just one portal for proven and novel technologies in the market, with filters available for a more convenient searching experience. When registered, end-users can also see reviews on these technologies written by our tech experts based on their technical expertise and/or previous experience with the product.

Is a replacement for direct contact between suppliers and end-users? DOES NOT replace direct contact between supplier and end-user, it complements it especially in times of limited mobility for both parties. It facilitates matchmaking between suppliers and end-users all over the globe through the dynamic features of the platform. 

Suppliers who normally connect with potential customers through exhibitions, conferences or one-to-one meetings can also use their tech pages to showcase their technologies’ unique features to the growing user community of 

End-users, on the other hand, can check out features, reviews, and deployment profiles of technologies they are interested in, and contact the suppliers straight via the contact form on their technology pages. 

Is the use of the platform free?

Access to the basic functionality of the platform is FREE. In addition, we offer premium services to suppliers, end-users, and tech experts. 

If you’re a supplier, then we can support you with attracting the best buyers for your tech. If you’re an end-user, we can support you with selecting the right tech to address your business needs, and with the insight, tools & processes to get the technology deployed.  If you’re a tech expert, we can help you to acquire consultancy jobs to support suppliers and end-users. 

Do you get commissions from transactions resulting from contacts made on the platform?

Transactions between technology end-users and suppliers or between end-users and tech experts as a result of the matchmaking role of the platform are independent of the platform. We do not work on a commission basis.

If using the platform is free and you do not get commissions from transactions resulting from using the platform, how does make money?

We offer premium features and value-based services to tech suppliers and tech experts that give them insights into their viewers and more visibility on the platform as well as our other communication channels.

Additionally, we offer customised services to energy operators and tech suppliers.

Does focus on novel innovations, proven technologies, or both? hosts BOTH novel innovations and proven technologies. Most companies in the Energy industry want to be (fast) followers, and they are therefore most interested in technologies successfully used by others. However, our experience also is that the moment value is delivered through the deployment of proven technologies, end-users are open to hearing about novel solutions. Hence, we give our end-users access to both types of technological solutions.

Can people not just use Google to search for solutions?

In theory, yes. In practice, Google will overwhelm end-users with the number of search matches that will pop up when searching for technology. Either you have to be very specific with keywords you use to search or you have to parse through thousands of search matches to arrive at relevant results. With, searching is simplified with the use of filters that are based on years of experience in the sector and feedback from end-users. 

Who supplies the information for tech and tech expert pages?

The tech suppliers and tech experts provide the information, with the exception of user/expert reviews. Reviews are provided independently either by our tech experts (for tech pages) or previous clients.’s operations team reviews the information provided and makes sure they pass the standards we set for technology pages.

Can anyone post their technology? What are the criteria?

As part of the registration process, tech suppliers need to explain the innovative aspect of their technology. It is our decision to accept or reject registrations, and we do so based on our technology and innovation experience. We also seek the opinion of independent experts in our network.

The information about each technology is very brief. How does it help end-users to make a selection?

The components in the tech pages were carefully selected to give an adequate but concise overview of the technology. These are components we deemed are consistent across technology domains and themes, without missing out too much on the individual features of the technologies. Information provided on the tech pages were enough to make a comparison with other similar technologies and make the decision whether to reach out to the supplier or not.

Does replace exhibitions?

Not necessarily. Exhibitions are important for networking. However, there are prerequisites of technology positioning (for suppliers) and selection (for end-users that exhibitions could not fully address. For instance, as a supplier, you can only be at one place at a time; i.e. only man a booth in the Norway pavilion, and not be at a subsea technology pavilion simultaneously. Furthermore, end-users are typically keen to meet other users and experts that have experience with technology (and not only hear the sales pitch). addresses those points, and would, therefore, be a valuable complement to the other efforts made by the exhibition organisers to accomplish their mission. can, for example, be used to create online pavilions, showing the relevant subset of technologies in Please contact us for further details.

I noticed that you also have partner platforms, such as the UK Energy Technology Platform. What is the link between and the partner platforms?

The partner platforms are all part of the overall structure, and make use of the same database and ‘engine’. The moment a technology is on one platform, it can also be included on other platforms where applicable. This way further increasing the visibility of the technology.