Frequently Asked Questions from Suppliers

How can help me reach more end-users?

There are a number of ways that is supporting suppliers in connecting to more end-users. 

First,’s end-user base has steadily grown since the launch in 2018. As of end 2020, we recorded over 50,000 unique visitors browsing the site for technologies as well as reading our blogs and watching webinars that often feature technologies on the platform. 

Second, we actively promote both the platform and the technologies on our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). Our followers are actively engaging on our accounts and have been growing steadily due to our consistent and targeted communication activities.  

Third and most importantly, we support some key industry players in their technology sourcing and deployment activities, either in the form of technology plan or provision of ring-fenced platforms customised to their business needs. 

These are effective ways to easily get noticed by end-users who are clearly looking for technological solutions.

Is a replacement for direct contact between supplier and end-user? DOES NOT replace direct contact between supplier and end-user, it complements it especially in times of limited mobility for both parties. It facilitates matchmaking between suppliers and end-users all over the globe through the dynamic features of the platform. 

Suppliers who normally connect with potential customers through exhibitions, conferences or one-to-one meetings can also make use of their tech pages to showcase their technologies’ unique features to the growing user community of 

End-users, on the other hand, can check out features, reviews and deployment profiles of technologies they are interested in, and contact the suppliers straight from the contact form on their technology pages. 

We already invested in a good company website and active social media campaigns? How will this site be reaching other potential clients? is not a replacement for your own website nor for your own marketing and sales activities. However, it offers additional visibility and reputability as our platform does not only showcase your product but also presents deployment references and external reviews.

It is also worth noting that end-users are bombarded with numerous options on the internet when searching for technological solutions, and your website or other online marketing efforts may not show up right away in the search results. With TechnologyCatalogue,com, only technologies relevant to your target end-users --- companies in the energy sector and related industries --- will show up. Furthermore, they can use filters to further narrow down the search and arrive straight to your tech page when they are looking for solutions your technology provides.

We are already participating in many exhibitions, why do we still need to get registered on

The global pandemic, which forced people to limit domestic and foreign travels, has pulled the plug for most exhibitions and other physical events. Exhibitions themselves have resorted to virtual formats, which we believe are largely similar to what the platform provides. The difference is, your technology will be showcased 24/7 and beyond the exhibition period. With better analytics and higher visibility that we offer through our premium services, you can even skip most of the exhibitions and save on the cost of paying for your participation in them. 


Is registration for technology pages really free for suppliers?

For suppliers, having a basic technology page is FREE. However, they can avail of premium features for a reasonable amount to receive direct leads through the contact form as well as enjoy data analytics, additional visibility of their technologies on the platform and additional promotions (i.e. social media and newsletter features). 


Do you get commissions from transactions resulting from contacts made on the platform?

Transactions between technology end-users and suppliers or between end-users and tech experts as a result of the matchmaking role of the platform are independent of the platform. We do not work on a commission basis.


If registration for technology pages is indeed free and no commissions on sales made, how then can earn from the platform?

We offer premium features to tech suppliers and tech experts that give them insights on their viewers and more visibility on the platform and our other communication channels. We also offer customised services to energy operators and tech suppliers

I’m concerned about negative reviews. Is that concern valid?

Reviews cannot be made anonymously; only registered users can write reviews. Therefore we control the registration process, only allowing credible people on We also avoid people posting negative comments about competitors.

Also good to emphasize is that recognised experts simply do not put their credibility on the line by posting unfounded reviews on technologies that are visible to people in the same industry they are in.


Do we get to see the reviews on our technologies first and decide whether it can be posted or not?

The moment a review comes in, it never goes live immediately. Suppliers always have a chance to see it first. If the review is considered to be unfair, it will not be published. In case of doubt, we ask an independent expert for review.

In addition, companies always have the chance to respond to reviews, with the response published on our site. This way suppliers can, for instance, respond to perceived downsides of the technology such as explaining the progress that has been made with the development of a product in recent months or years. 

Can I also ask my previous clients to post reviews on my technology?

Yes, suppliers can proactively ask selected users and experts to post a review. Through premium services we offer, suppliers can also upload case studies and separate reviews from an independent expert of their choice.


I don’t like it that my competitors can be on Why do you show competing technologies?

We indeed do (similar to exhibitions), and that’s not a bad thing. After all, the biggest competitor to technology is not the technology of someone else. The biggest competition is that companies continue doing what they have always done! By having all relevant technologies on one platform, the decision process is accelerated. Compare it with furniture shops or car dealers all in the same area of town, at least here in The Netherlands. People find out about available solutions anyway, hence better to make the information available quickly so decisions are taken (and people don’t stick to conventional practices!).


Can you give an indication of the number of users of

As of January 2021, our platform has over 50,000 individual visitors and round 350,000 page views. Through our strengthened marketing efforts and partnerships in many key markets, we anticipate the number to double by the end of the year.

Do you share user details with suppliers?

We only do this if users explicitly agree. However, we are obviously keen to see that contact between supplier and end-user is established, hence we help where we can within the limits of GDPR legislation.

On your website, you mention several customer names. How do you know who exactly is visiting your site and looking at which technologies?

Our website has features that encourage visitors to register for free. The moment they create an account and login, we know who is visiting the site. Otherwise, we only see anonymous data.

Concurrently, we actively network with end-users through consultancy and workshops, giving us the market intelligence. We have a large network across the industry and we work together with country partners and a strong network of consultants with decades of experience and their own network in the industry.


Who are the specific customer profiles that are active on your platform? And what titles do these people hold?

The titles and positions of our platform end-users range from engineer to board member. And that’s exactly what the platform aims to do: target people at different levels and in different parts of the organisation, such that multiple people become aware of technological solutions that can significantly improve the business. 

After all, getting technologies accepted is very much an influencing game, and this platform helps the supplier to (indirectly) influence the engineers and decision-makers in the end-user company.