Frequently Asked Questions from Tech Experts

How can help me reach more potential clients?

There are a number of ways that is supporting tech experts in connecting to potential clients. First,’s end-user base has steadily grown since the launch in 2018. As of end 2020, we recorded over 50,000 unique visitors browsing the site for technologies, which means they are also potentially in need of a consultant who is knowledgeable in deploying these technologies. The number of end-users is steadily growing as are actively promoting both the platform and the technologies on our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter).

Is a replacement for direct contact between technical experts and potential clients? DOES NOT replace direct contact between tech experts and potential clients, it complements it especially in times of limited mobility for both parties. The platform offers advanced functionality to highlight your specific expertise to get technology deployed, this way distinguishing yourself from competitors.

What’s the added value of writing reviews?

By writing reviews, you clearly demonstrate your expertise towards suppliers as well as end-users. This way positioning yourself towards both groups for business opportunities.

Can people not just use LinkedIn to search for tech experts?

In theory, yes. In practice, LinkedIn is quite overwhelming and not specifically focused on getting energy technologies deployed. That’s actually one of the reasons why end-users welcome this innovation. Still, LinkedIn is great to show the CV of your team members, and that is why we do create a link between tech experts and their profile on LinkedIn. We don’t want to duplicate information, but instead use our platform to fill an information gap.

Does focus on novel innovations, proven technologies, or both?

Both. Most companies in the Energy industry want to be a (fast) follower, and they are therefore most interested in technologies successfully used by others. However, our experience has also shown that the moment value is delivered through the deployment of proven technologies, end-users are open to hearing about novel solutions. The proven technologies can, therefore, help to pave the path for novel solutions. In both cases, the technologies often require support from specialists, and that is why we explicitly want to highlight tech experts who can support the uptake on our platform.

Who supplies the information for the Tech Expert page?

The Tech Expert firm provides the information, with the exception of reviews from your customers. 

Can anyone register as a tech expert on your platform? What are the criteria?

Anyone can register, but we will assess the background of your tech experts based on their profile on LinkedIn and other sources before publishing them on the platform. If in doubt, we seek the opinion of other experts in our network.

Additionally, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have specific expertise in getting technologies deployed, by writing reviews about technologies on the platform.