Frequently Asked Questions from Technology Users

What do you see as the key advantages of the platform for end-user companies?

There are tons of technologies entering the market each day, some are relevant to the sector but most are not. Searching the internet for these relevant technologies companies need would give them thousands of search results, while attending exhibitions to keep abreast of new innovations and connect directly with suppliers would require significant time and money. offers the best of both worlds. All the technologies on the platform are deemed relevant to companies in the Energy sector. Browsing within the platform is made easy with filters that will narrow down your search. You can compare technologies according to factors that we know, based on experience, are relevant to your decision-making. You can also contact the suppliers straight from the platform through the contact form. If you are registered, you can even have access to more information such as reviews and deployment history, if available.

What’s the cost of accessing

All users can browse the platform for free. We encourage our end-user companies to register for free to enjoy all the dynamic features of the platform including access to reviews and deployment history of technologies as well as the ability to “favourite” and/or compare technologies. 

In the future, you can also get optional notifications from us when there are new technologies coming in that are under the categories or themes you are interested in.

Besides the free version of the platform, we also offer customised versions of the platforms in support of technology & innovation activities within a company, or for example in support of a specific user community.

Can you say something about customised platforms? What are the benefits?

Next to this global platform, we now offer end-user companies the option to have their own technology platform built and maintained by us, but with their full control over posted technologies within your company. It is also within your control who has access to your company platform.

We will parse through thousands of technologies in the market, filter them to what are only relevant to your needs and upload them on your own technology platform. 

This significantly reduces the amount of time and money required to identify and select the best technologies for your company. 

  • By having your own technology platform, you no longer need to build and maintain your own technology catalogue. Regular updating of technology pages to reflect new developments will be managed by the supplier themselves.
  • The platform allows you to select technologies using external reviews and references as screening factors. All on the basis that if one or more companies have used a technology, and multiple people have indicated that they have good experience with the technology, it may also be a suitable tech for your company.
  • The information on your own technology platform will help to convince your colleagues at different levels. Successful usage of technologies by others gives decision makers the confidence that the technology can also add value to their project.

Aside from technologies and services specific to the company’s needs, other features can be added such as:

  • Benchmarking suite, which allows to to select the most suitable technologies based on specific data and insights 
  • Customisable levels of access for employees across assets and projects
  • Specific business insights based on our technology deployment experience over a long period of time in support of hundreds of companies

With this wealth of information available to employees, this company technology platform can also serve as a knowledge-sharing tool accessible across geographical and functional areas of the organisation. 

Read here for more information on Build your own technology platform.

Can you help my company with building a technology plan?

We certainly can. We can support you with building a Technology Plan for your organization and advise you on how to make the deployment happen. The scope of work is all about creating pull from assets and projects through a selection of the top 10 technologies, and defining the specific actions leading towards successful deployment.

We can advise you about applicable technologies, based on challenges/opportunities, as well as, what has been done by other operators in analogue assets/projects. This is all captured in a technology plan (20-30 pages).

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We heard that you also deliver technology deployment workshops. Can you provide some details?

How workshop Technology Deployment: How to Get it Done and Maximise Outcomes! has been delivered tens of times, to hundreds of participants. This 4-hour workshop has been set up to share key insights on the industry best practices that address the most pressing business challenges, as well as, discuss the tools and processes to optimise your technology deployment workflow.

The workshop is held virtually and if preferred, it can also be delivered on-premise (Additional cost will be added).

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Do I have to pay when reaching out to the supplier of a technology on the platform that I am interested in?

No. Using the contact form on the platform is FREE for end-users and even encouraged.

I heard that you also offer a ‘plug’ into Is that correct?

That’s correct. Many companies have their own internal Technology Catalogue, in one form or another. There is a key challenge with in-company catalogues (and we experienced that first hand when we were running technology deployment activities in Shell): how to keep the content up to date?

A model whereby the information is kept up-to-date by suppliers is far more effective, as suppliers have a clear incentive to do so. That’s why we offer companies a plug into our catalogue, and to feed them with up-to-date information.

Can also help me select appropriate technologies for my business?

Yes, definitely. Aside from the platform that provides an overview of available technologies in the sector, we also offer support with technology screenings. As we have been working on technology deployment for many years and been involved in ~600 deployments, we can quickly advise what technologies will likely work for your company, based on analogue assets and projects. Click this link for a list of services we offer to end-user companies.

I struggle to get technology deployed in my organisation after I have identified it. How can you support my business to overcome that challenge?

There are various ways we can offer support. For instance, we conduct a Technology Positioning Program, which helps to identify the (non-technical) pain points in deploying technologies. Here we conduct careful assessment of your organisation’s profile, processes and other factors, and juxtapose these with technology’s features and deployment requirements. Another way is through a Technology Deployment Health Check, which can help to assess the overall effectiveness of technology deployment delivery in your organisation. If it’s a technical challenge, we typically connect you to one of the experts in our network.

If I encourage my employees to use the platform for technology sourcing, can we share information (i.e. favourites list, notes on technologies) within the platform?

This is currently not possible in the free version of the platform. However, we can support your company with a ring-fenced area of the global platform for your company that is only accessible to your employees. You can customise the contents, themes and other elements according to your company’s preference. The platform can also contain insights that are key to your business and features that will facilitate knowledge-sharing within your organisation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need this type of service.

Do you share user details with suppliers?

We only do this if users explicitly agree. However, we are obviously keen to see that contact between supplier and end-user is established, hence we help where we can within the limits of GDPR legislation.

Can I also write reviews on technologies that we have previously users or are currently using in our company?

Yes. In fact, we encourage our customers who have previous experience with the technologies on our platform to make objective reviews. However, we do not allow anonymous reviews, so end-users are required to indicate their name and affiliation when writing reviews on technologies.