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Corrosion Protection Material for Bolted Connections within Monopile Transition Pieces

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Friday, October 1, 2021 - 13:00

AXI-Gard is a non-conductive media, which provides corrosion control, typically in the annulus between the transition piece and the monopile. Deployed in splash zones, where oxygen-rich seawater is a significant threat to the integrity of critical elements such as bolts in the monopile, the hydrophobic solution provides protection even if the grout seals fail.


Faster pumping and no curing reduces vessel time and cost
Simple application by pumping into the annulus
Environmentally friendly, plant based material
Reduced CO2 emissions
Material can be pumped out easily for maintenance and inspections
Applicable to bolted connections in monopile transition pieces only


Areas of Application Corrosion protection from oxygen rich environments in offshore wind turbines and offshore platforms.
Capabilities Protects vulnerable bolts from corrosion
Compliance REACh Registered, OCNS Group E
Deployment Easily deployed using simple pumping spreads
Patents Patent pending

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