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Digital transformation platform

Page last modified
November 25 2022

Cumulus Projects reduce the barriers of digital transformation with Cumulus - a digital twin ecosystem for the connected worker of tomorrow: field technicians, engineers and managers. Cumulus brings together stranded, siloed data from all conceivable sources, from legacy enterprise systems to emergent deliverable files types and makes it easily accessible to all users at the right time.


Single processing pipeline deploy to web, mobile, iOS, desktop and Virtual Reality (VR)
Integrates siloed legacy enterprise systems and for deployment as a single unified app
Core features, add-on modules and customisations
Developed for unique challenge of poor communication inherent in oil & gas industry
World leading 3D visualisation enabling spatial access to data, including tag search of point clouds
Knowledge management layer by way of channels feeds to capture conversations against tags, documentation, files etc.
The result is improved efficiency and increased safety
Requires customisation to reflect client processes


Accessibility Also available offline.
Areas of Application Oil & Gas operators, EPC, Greenfield Projects, Brownfield Projects, Maintenance, Design, Construction and Commissioning.
Browser Chrome | Firefox
Collaboration Improved collaboration with Cumulus FEED, our tag centric Knowledge Management layer.
Connectivity Access from remote sites, onshore, offshore, fixed facilities and support vessels.
Implementation time Improved deployment time over competing 3D and VR solutions. Process to VR in days not months.
Insight Gain insights from improved access to data from any location.
Search Search for information with traditional text search or spatially via 3D interface. Enables tag search of point clouds.

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About Cumulus

Cumulus Projects is inspired by a vision of continuously improving work processes in Oil & Gas industry. We do this by improving access to data of all types to all people.

+61 407 172 003
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