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Integrated platform for operation & maintenance in offshore wind energy

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:52

eBO Enterprises e-Wind collaborative software platform aimed specifically at Offshore Wind activities, increases the efficiency in marine and energy operations, maintenance and asset management.

e-Wind plays a role in all phases, including construction, operation and maintenance:
• marine vessel coordination,
• asset management,
• energy data reporting,
• inventory and windfarm management.

Customers experience the advantages of a multivendor and modular platform approach, created by comprehensive SaaS application with specific offshore industry knowhow. Multiple disparate systems can be centrally managed and monitored.


Common Operational Picture - Efficiency, Simplicity and Speed of response
All In One - Fully Integrated - Combining of multiple disparate systems
Digital Twin of the Wind Energy Plant
Collaborative - Role based, configurable access - including Mobile
Operational Data & Reporting - communicating with all systems
Automated, Safe & Efficient - full QHSSE
Complete Marine Coordination & Wind Farm Management
Assett Management - Personalisation & Optimisation
For optimal results time needs to be allocated for initial configuration with disparate systems


Application Marine Coordination - Operations & Maintenance.
Connectivity Integrated Platform approach interfacing with multiple disparate systems.
Monitoring Granular Alarming | Data Centric | Automation | Common Operational Picture
Capabilities Asset Management | Digital Twin | Risk Management | Marine Coord | Collaborative
Areas of Application Port | Offshore Wind Farm
Business Efficiency Common Operational Picture | Communication with all systems | Efficiency | Speed of Response

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About e-BO Enterprises

e-BO Enterprises is a leading IT partner based in Belgium with locations in UK, France & Germany. We support companies and organizations that want to optimize their daily operations. With the most advanced solutions and a professional approach, we help organizations to achieve their IT and business challenges across various sectors including Offshore Wind. Eighty highly qualified and experienced IT specialists assist our customers in 250 locations throughout Europe. You will immediately discover how e-BO Enterprises offers added value for your company’s operations.

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