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Land management system

Page last modified
November 25 2022

K2fly’s Infoscope Land Management System is an innovative solution that helps small and large companies to maintain their ‘social license’ to operate on land. InfoScope provides a single, spatially integrated solution to manage information relating to land access and compliance across multiple industries. It delivers effective stakeholder, tenement, cultural heritage, native title & environmental management along with a full life-cycle ground disturbance process.


The new, smarter way to manage land & your license to operate
Engage stakeholders with spatial intelligence
Visibility on all activities on land holdings
Compliance, permits & approvals driven by geospatial workflows
Powered Esri’s ArcGIS and SAP HANA
Enterprise integration eliminating information silos
Real-time reporting on clearance and compliance
Mitigate business risk and improve operational efficiency
Dependent on data integration


Areas of Application Land Management | Compliance Management | Ground Disturbance Permit
Capabilities Self service mapping | Configurable Workflows | Stakeholder mapping
Compliance Environmental | Social | Governance
Connectivity Esri ArcGIS | SAP | PRONTO | Drilling databases
Usability SaaS | Cloud hosted | Multiple devices

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About K2fly

K2fly is the Consulting Systems Integrator, focusing on digital transformation and process improvement. Where industry know-how and digital innovation meet.

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