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Integra PRO-TEQ™ Protector Sleeves & Straddles.

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Protect your critical well jewellery and/or surface architecture.

Page last modified
November 25 2022

The Integra PRO-TEQ™ sleeves are suitable for locating in both selective and no-go profiles, making them ideal for protecting TRSSSVs, seal bores and control line ports.

The Integra PRO-TEQ™ sleeves can also be used to protect your critical surface control components while performing severe service applications, such as acid stimulations, thus maximising pump rates, while saving time and money on high-cost redress of the surface equipment.

The slimline Integra PRO-TEQ™ sleeve protects your critical well equipment while providing the largest possible through bore for production of hydrocarbons, injection of fluids, or for passage of well intervention tools.

The PRO-TEQ™  sleeve uses the Integra ANGELOK™ locking system and latch-ring technology, from the patent pending Integra Well Barrier,  to lock the sleeve throughout all operational phases.

This unique technology optimizes the sleeve ID while maintaining the strength and durability required of a protector sleeve.


Protect seal bores, control line ports, valves and other exposed areas in the wellbore.
Can be used to protect surface equipment or exposed areas downhole.
Protect seals and seal bores when injecting aggressive chemicals in hole.
Protect seal bores when running Coiled Tubing or Slickline tools in hole.
Can be designed to locate and lock in any profile in the wellbore.
Slimline design allows for maximum OD of tools to pass through sleeve.
Allows for maximum fluid pump rate when injecting fluids into the well for acidizing or stimulation.
Can be designed for any profile, through bore and tubing size.
Can be designed to seal in existing seal bores in the well or simply prevent debris ingress into sensitive areas in the completion.
Run and pulled on Industry standard GS Pulling Tool or dedicated running tool.
Requires details of downhole jewellery to protect to specify correct lengths and diameters.


Optimised ID The PRO-TEQ™ Sleeve uses the proprietary ANGELOK™ Connector to maximise the through Bore thus providing one of the largest through bores in the market. This ensures maximum production/injection rates and ensures the largest WI tools can pass safely.
Robust design that can be adapted for use in all OEM profile types and sizes. The Robust design can be adapted for use in any OEM profiles, nipples and safety valves.
Can be Positively Locked in the profile. The design comes with floating fingers to locate the correct profile, but can be supplied with a locking sleeve to positively lock the PRO-TEQ™ sleeve in place.
Can be run on Slickline, CT, or E-Line The PRO-TEQ™ Sleeve can be run on Coiled Tubing or Slickline using Industry standard running/pulling tools.

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About Integra Well Solutions

Integra Well Solutions is a supplier of innovative products and services to the Energy industry and have extensive knowledge and experience in the Upstream, Subsea, and Maritime sectors.

Integra is headquartered in Aberdeen and the Integra Innovation Centre provides Customers and Stakeholders a unique facility where we design, manufacture, assemble and test to and often exceed the requirements set out in recognised industry Standards.

Integra supply a wide range of patented and highly original completion and well intervention tools that add value to your operations, by maximising operational efficiency and reducing downtime. We are adept at providing bespoke engineered solutions to solve your most difficult wellbore and operational challenges.

Integra provide engineering, technical, and operations services to work alongside and enhance your existing capabilities with products that cross industry sectors and can be used in Oil and Gas, Renewables and Marine applications.

We pride ourselves on our agility and our solution providing ethos and work with a wide range of 3rd party partners globally to extend our expertise should your needs require.

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