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A digital LOTO isolation system

Page last modified
November 25 2022

iSOL8 is a digital paperless isolation system. Isolation devices, locks and lock boxes are tagged and identified with Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. Tags are scanned in the field with data sent to the hand-held mobile device and verified against the tag database to enable isolation and de-isolation of the equipment, declaring work is safe to begin and/or has been completed. Workers can be authorised to tag on and off the lock box by using their personal NFC tagged isolation locks.


Eliminates misreading of isolation device labels
Reduced administration time
Reduced human errors
Captures time stamped data in real time
Increased plant availability
Prevents the permit being approved if an error is detected
Damage to the NFC tags
Need to charge mobile devices and readers


Accessibility Available on and off line.
Accuracy Eliminates human errors from misreading isolation device alphanumeric Labels though the use of NFC field readable electronic tags.
Administration Time Much faster that traditional paper based Log Out Tag Out (LOTO) systems.
Areas of Application Oil & Gas operations | Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management | Maintenance | Commissioning
Capabilities Provides a basic isolation framework that is meant to be integrated with client isolation processes and systems.
Connectivity Access from remote sites, onshore, offshore, fixed facilities and support vessels.
Data Analysis Each isolation action is recorded in real time to enable business analysis and comparison for standard tasks.
Installation Physical installation of NFC tags on all isolation devices, plant, locks and lock boxes.
Patents Two PCT patents pending in the EU.
Redundancy Isolation data stored on field mobile device, on the intranet and in the cloud. Data can be retrieved and printed when there is a power or mobile device failure.

Relative Business Impact

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About Isol8 Pty Ltd

iSOL8 provides OHS Risk Management , “Lock Out Tag Out” and Permit to Work Services to Mining, Mineral Processing , Infrastructure and Agricultural enterprisesWe are currently deploying the iSOL8 system into a $1.2 billion infrastructure facility in Western Australia.

+61 (08) 6166 9110
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