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Mesh Access Point (MAP)

Proprietary wireless access point

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:28

The Mesh Access Point is a proprietary wireless access point developed specifically for use with USM’s Personal Safety Monitoring System (PSMS).  The access point is based on Mesh Networking technology, enabling the provision of a multi-device access point mesh network topology.

The MAP can be rapidly deployed into most industrial environments, giving organisations the ability to extend the range of their Personal Safety Monitoring (PSM) devices.  The PSM is designed to make use of our multilateration technology, ensuring accurate location sensing and transmission of worker safety metrics in real-time.

These devices are available in Intrinsically Safe MAP (IS Map), Satellite MAP (SatMAP) and regular MAP models/variations.


Intrinsically safe ethernet connectivity
Transmission and relay of PSM location, gas, biometric and voice data
Multiple access point mesh networking in remote and underground locations
Multi-position mounting plate for wall or pole
Does not connect to Cellular networks


Applicability Remote and underground locations
Certifications / licences ATEX Zone 2
Connectivity Mesh networking in remote and underground locations. Range extension of Personal Safety Monitor data communications
Locations Uni, Bi and Trilateration mesh network technology for high accuracy location sensing
Range Up to 50 metres inter-access point mesh network connectivity
Safety Ensure accurate location sensing and worker safety metrics in real time

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Universal Site Monitoring

Universal Site Monitoring (USM) is an Australian company that designs and develops the next generation of safety monitoring devices via the latest industry 4.0/IoT technology. Providing essential safety data accessible from anywhere any time.

The goal of USM is to create a safer work environment for people all around the globe. With a team of technical experts based in Darwin NT, the company is perfectly situated to service Australian and the global market.  The devices can be individually custom configured to suit every operation, assisting a business’s most important asset to return home safely every day.

USM’s patented PSM technology won the National Energy Resources Australia award in the Australian Technologies Competition in 2018. 
Then in April 2020 in response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic, USM team’s developed an Early Warning System by adapting their GAM-A smartphone/tablet app and PSM technology - earning the company one of the 10 Funding Grants of the NERA Innovation Challenge for COVID-19.


+61 401 387 830
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