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Modular Battery Solutions

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High performance batteries made to power any application

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

We provide cutting-edge battery systems with a superior energy density to power a wide variety of electric applications. Our advanced Battery Management System and exceptional thermal management bring significant benefits to your performance, safety and lifetime. The unique modular concept in combination with our engineering capabilities allow us to make the right system for your application, at an affordable cost.


High energy density
Suitable for wide range of applications
Configurable into endless combinations
Eliminates custom battery development
Efficient thermal management
Advanced Battery Management System
Reduce time-to-market
Not optimal for one offs / very high production volumes


Areas of Application Various markets such as industrial machines, commercial vehicles and e-mobility applications, as well as more specialized racing applications.
Modular design Whether your application requires 50 or 800VDC, we can adapt to your specific demands & constraints by combining a set of standard modules with our intelligent battery controller.
Certification/Licenses By combining a set of standard modules with our battery controller we can deliver fully tested & certified battery systems.
Safety Safety measures include: Integrated System, Thermal Management, Small Cell Format, Cell-Level Fusing, Controlled Degassing, and Fire-retardant Materials.
Sizes Building blocks of roughly 3 and 5 kWh. Customization can be discussed.

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About ELEO

ELEO is a young and ambitious organization founded in September 2017. Ever since, we have been dedicated to the mission of making high-performance batteries available for any application in order to enable safe & sustainable electric transportation for everyone.

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