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Multiphase Sand Separation System

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A high efficiency cyclonic de-sander with integral flow stabilizer for multiphase oil and gas wells

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:43

Solids are undesirable during the production of oil and gas as it can lead to issues such as erosion of facilities, compromised safety and reduced production efficiencies. Existing sand removal methodologies are also inefficient due to the intricacies of multiphase flow, variations in production and frequent intervention by operators.

This patented technology has been jointly developed in collaboration with PETRONAS to mitigate these inherent issues in a cost effective manner that offers high flexibility for naturally varying flow regimes at full well streams. It can be deployed as a stand-alone wellhead desander unit or as a bulk desander unit for main production pipelines with better and consistent performance results than conventional desanders. It is exceptionally beneficial for facilities that experience slugging, pressure surges and varying production rates..

The technology was the winner of "Spotlight on New Technology" award in OTC Asia 2018.


Consistently high sand removal efficiency down to 20 microns
Minimal Pressure loss
High Turndown Capability for a wide range of operating parameters
Compact footprint suitable for brownfields
High slug handling capacity and flow stabilization
Low cost and eliminates the need for using high grade materials downstream
Realtime sand monitoring data
Fully automated sequence for sand flushing
Low power consumption so it can utilize either an available source or its own solar panel with a battery pack
Flexible design can be adapted to any facility (manual/auto, Inst air/gas, disposal overboard/sand drums/bags)
Sand sensors data analysis requires onsite calibration
Instrumentation requires instrument air/gas supply


Footprint Flexible design based on capacity - Range from 5 tons to 20 tons
Intellectual Property Internationally Patented Technology (International Application No.: PCT/IB2012/000128) filed in Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Certification Electronic parts are ATEX certified as explosion proof/Flame proof (Exd) or Intrinsically safe (Ex ia)
Hazardous Area Classification Zone 0 and above
Capacity Unlimited. Skid design can be adapted to any flowrate.
Validation U-stamped pressure vessels. DOSH registered equipment. API relief system.
Automation Standard design is fully automated via Allen Bradley unit control panel, yet it can be integrated with different systems.
Material of Construction Ceramic cyclonic liners
Location Fit for Wellhead Platform, Central Processing Platforms, FPSO, and Onshore terminals.
Recognition 'Spotlight Technology' Award winner in OTC Asia 2018.
Turndown High tolerance for production turndown to 10%
Specialty Equipment Optional acoustic sand sensors with an analyzer software
Efficiency High sand removal efficiency targeting 20 microns and above
Pressure Rating Flexible. Fit for 150# up to 2500#.
Sand Disposal Dispose sand in a sand bag/drum to be transported to disposal site onshore
Auxiliary Systems Optional sand washing package for dumping sand overboard.
Flexibility Sand monitoring aspect can be qualitative or quantitative via real-time monitoring by acoustic sand sensors, or load cells.
Instrumentation Digital by default. Can utilize either instrument air or instrument gas.

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Formed in 2009, NGLTech is an international technology development and engineering company incorporated in Malaysia providing engineering services and turnkey delivery for our proprietary technology technologies and process systems for the Oil & Gas and related industries.

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