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RAPAT Innovation Management and Guidance

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Understand and navigate the technical and commercial barriers to product development and deployment

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021 - 11:21

RAPAT, offers a structured Excel-based environment for technology developers, guiding them efficiently through the product approval process.
RAPAT incorporates focused worksheets, in-built guidance, helpsheets, tutorial videos, and links to further help. Its in-built advice is based on industry-leading experience and expertise in product development, technology qualification and product certification. The process supports:

  • Defining technology and user requirements
  • Commercial and Project planning to meet these requirements while managing risk
  • Planning required testing/assurance activities
  • Preparing funding applications.
  • Documenting evidence to support certification/approvals.


Easy to use Excel-based user interface leads user step-by-step through the process
Incorporates an array of help, guidance and links to further help and resources
Advanced dashboarding features give a quick and complete overview of current progress and track risks and key actions
Additional in-built functionality supports creation of clear and concise documentation
Supports collaboration between members of innovation team
Provides early definition of innovation project to support funding applications and pitches
Effectively collates all evidence leading to assurance to support certification
Provides easy access to regulations, standards and accredited certification bodies
Current version is generic across industries, technologies and sectors - although technology/sector bespoke versions are planned - e.g. for Net zero technologies
Designed to work with Microsoft Windows, RAPAT works with Mac OS and Google systems, but currently with reduced in-built functionality


Areas of Application Innovation and technology, Product development, technology qualification, product certification, product assurance, funding application, investment pitch
Applicability Supports technology and product development in any sector, multi-disciplinary, whole life cycle product development from Idea to Deployment
Capabilities Provides expert advice, training and coaching through the product development and technology qualification process to support product certification and approval
Certifications / licences Supports certification of new products and technologies against codes, standards, regulations and best practices (such as DNVGL-RP-A203)
Compliance Enables technology developers to understand compliance requirements and demonstrate they have been met
Patents Supports the development of new technologies covered by patents
Return on investment Enables developers to efficiently prepare their technology for market deployment with greatest chances of success, and resources prioritised on critical areas of focus to maximise ROI
Implementation time Efficiently leads developers through the technology qualification and certification process minimising time to approval and technology implementation

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About Astrimar

Astrimar is an independent engineering consultancy specialising in Reliability, Integrity, Technical Risk Management, and Technology Qualification, in the energy industry, including wide experience with design and technology projects, asset IM and late-life operations. We provide expert reliability and technical risk analysis, technology development and qualification, data-driven future predictive integrity assessments and risk-based decision making. Our specialist software tools offer state of the art practical solutions built on decades of experience.

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