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Scenario Navigator

Turn your simulation model into a digital twin

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 13:38

Scenario Navigator includes model development & hosting, scenario management & comparison, results analysis, reporting & auditing. The software can handle both historic and actual operational data coming from ERP/MES and other business systems. Modeling paradigms that are supported include discrete-event, continuous & agent-based simulation, heuristics, algorithms & optimization. Scenario Navigator is able to predict the future state(s) of any system, enabling users to make better decisions on planning, scheduling & capital investment.


Schedule feasibility gives operators & planners a realistic execution schedule of planned orders
Capacity planning gives managers the capability to use the available capacity in the best way possible
Capital efficiency empowers management to support decisions on investments
Risk analysis provides insights into the risk & sensitivity of your operation
Service prediction demonstrates the future service & quality of your system
Understand complex model results using interactive charts, dashboards & reports
The technology requires access to operational historic data sets to give accurate predictions of the future


Model Hosting Deploy any type of simulation, optimization and/or mathematical model throughout your organization.
User Interface Customized dashboards that are designed for your specific requirements.
Scenario Management Explore new scenarios & share model results by unlimited scenario creation & model execution.
Results Visualization Understand complex model results using interactive charts, dashboards & reports.
Auditing Keep a clear trail of scenario data, results & model versions.
Scenario Comparison Quickly compare the outcome of different scenario’s.
Animation Improve internal communication by revealing the complexity of your operation.

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About Systems Navigator

At Systems Navigator we are passionate about what we do, we test & learn, and we are not afraid to think big. Our everyday work is to help our clients to choose the right direction for their business and make better decisions for their operations. Contact us if you have any questions on simulation, planning, scheduling or digital twins. We believe that together we can create a more efficient world. Our technology predicts the future and helps you to create your own tomorrow. Transform your business with our technology.

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