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Structural Steel Clamping System

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Eliminate welding and other hot work processes during installation

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November 25 2022

The Structural Steel Clamping System attaches to structural steel beams and columns ( I and H Beams) and can carry a load using standard or specific support systems.

Instead of welding the supports for any type of equipment to the structure of the facility, these supports can be bolted to the Structural Steel Clamping System.

Pipe hangars, pipe supports, cable ladder trays supports, Handrail supports  (just to name a few) are bolted to the  Structural Steel Clamping System instead of welded to the structure, this provides a quick , easy simple solution that can be permanent or temporary.



Reduce/eliminate hot works.
Reduce Installation costs
Reduce installation time.
Install multiple services and equipment on the same clamps.
Any secondary fastening system can be attached to secure services and equipment when installing.
Minimal persons for site works.
Permanent, temorary and reusable
Clamps are not interchangable to different size columns and beams, clamps are manufactured specific to each structural column and beam sizes.


Engineering Certification Load direction relative to beam Parallel - 300kgs Perpendicular - 1000kgs The clamps were tested in accordance with the provisions of Australian Standards AS 1170.0:2002 Structural design actions Part 0: General principles and AS 4100:2020 Steel str
Fabrication Fabrication and welding to AS NZS 1554.1 2014 SP
Material Mild steel or 316 SS
QME Queensland Mining Awards 2020 Top four finalist for Best Product Launch Award.

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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