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Sustainable heating system

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Heating system with up to 30% cost savings vs. existing technologies.

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Monday, June 6, 2022 - 08:49

HSI's heating system is a real-time reactive, autonomous snowmelt technology based on amorphous alloy heating elements. Controlled by predictive modeling algorithm analyzing weather parameters to guarantee superior energy efficiency.

The heating systems are suitable for various applications like roofs, sport fields and traffic roads. The heating elements can be embedded in heavy/light asphalt, concrete, paving stone and polymeric surfaces. Also in soil or integrated in shock pads below synthetic Turf. For roofs the heating elements will be installed on top of the roof.



Low operational costs due: Energy consumption only where and when needed. Section heating. HSI’s radiant heating system create an energy benefit of more than 35% against competitive systems.
Lower maintenance costs compared to other type of heating systems
No harmfull substances such as ethylene, glycol etc. No noise.
No emission of smoke or steam. No storage of oil or gas
Very short installation time. Easy to control by PC, phone or internet
Competitive pricings


Real Time Data Heating solutions based on real-time reactive, autonomous snowmelt technology based on amorphous alloy heating elements.
Areas of Application Efficient and Sustainable Heating Solutions for sport fields, infrastructure and roofs
Energy Efficient Controlled by predictive modelling algorithm analysing weather parameters to guarantee superior energy efficiency.
OPEX Up to 60% cost savings vs. existing technologies | No maintenance
Remote Operations Remote sensing vis electro optics | Predictive modelling control
Renewable Energy Compatible with Renewable Energy
Temperature Low temperature cracking protection | Ultra-fast snow-melting

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About HSI BV

HSI BV is producer of radiant Heating Technology for indoor and outdoor applications. HSI develops sustainable Heating Systems for appartments and residences. HSI offers outdoor heating systems for Sport fields, Agriculture, Infrastruture and roofs.

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