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TubeLock® TTRS

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Tubular Transportation Running Systems

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Friday, October 29, 2021 - 12:44

Global Gravity provides you with the world´s first Tubular Transport Running system (TTRS). We named it TubeLock®. TubeLock® is a unique, effective, and safe method of transporting and running pipe to and from the rigs. We want to eliminate inefficient and costly processes from the industry and reduce the number of lifts by up to 50%.

The systems are manufactured in Denmark and are light weight being constructed out of Aluminum EN AW6063 and Steel S355 making the system easy and safe to use, making the systems really user-friendly. The TTRS systems are CE - Marked and meets ILO and LOLAR requirements and are certified and  approved to DNVGL-ST-0378

It is documented by our clients that we can save up to 50% deck space and 50% handling. Thereby reducing time spent bringing pipe from the Supply Vessel to the drilling rig by up to 50% freeing up the cranes and deck crews to work on other important tasks.


Limit's manual handling
Save's rig time which is a cost reduction
No requirement for wooden dunnage or slings, helps reduce our carbon footprint
Reduces the risk of injury to people by limiting handlings
Available deck space can be an issue but with proper planning can easily be resolved
Improve safety and efficiency on supply vessel as well as on the drilling rig
Getting people to change from their current work process in the handling of tubulars


Capabilities Operated by rig crews | No requirement for Global Gravity Engineers.
Cargo and rig handling Reduces the number of lifts from the supply boat by 50%
QHSE Improvements No requirement for personnel to undo slings to release bundled tubulars
Rig ready tubulars All tubulars pre prepared onshore, no need to measure, number, inspect and apply thread compound.
Tubular Sizes No Limit
Certifications DNVGL-ST-0378 Standard for Offshore and Platform lifting appliances
Compliance CE - Marked and meets LOLAR guidelines

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About Global Gravity Aps

Global Gravity is based in Esbjerg – the EnergyMetropolis of Denmark. We have extensive experience in base- and rig-operations and are dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of handling tubulars in the offshore oil- and gas industry. With our unique field proven TubeLock® TTRS and our dedicated skilled people, we are ready to serve the demanding industry.

Our goals: Save time - Save space - Save handling

We provide intelligent handling of tubulars Global Gravity supply the world´s first Tubular Transport Running System (TTRS). We called it TubeLock®. TubeLock® provides optimization of all processes for pipe handling within all types of well interventions and drilling operations around the world. Giving our global customers great cost savings in combination with the safest and most effective TTRS for all types of pipes used by drilling rigs. Our TubeLock® TTRS will provide the safest and smartest way of handling tubulars from pipe manufacturer to run in hole at the rig site in only one handling. We believe that this will be the future for all involved with pipe transport, storage, inspection and drilling.

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