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VROC Predict & VROC Optimize

AI for Engineers

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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 16:25

VROC’s AI Predictive Analytics platform allows you to predict what, when and why your equipment will fail, long before it does and help you find the most efficient operating settings to reduce material and power costs.

Spend less time analysing data and more time acting on it. VROC is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and be used by your existing team to quickly build, train and maintain AI models of your assets without programming or coding experience.


Improve asset reliability and lifecycle
Self-service AI modelling without programming or coding experience
Critical insights for efficient and effective decision making
Reduce unplanned shutdowns
Remote live monitoring of your plants health and operations
Increased production, safety and environmental performance
Enterprise wide solution
Retain data ownership, privacy and security
Rapid root cause analysis
If the quality of data received from the asset is poor then the AI accuracy will be reduced


Areas of Application Oil and Gas, Mining, Power Generation and Utilities, Maritime, Smart Cities.
Data Analysis Big data AI analytics to predict up to 7 days into the future by analysing historical and live data.
Machine Learning Auto Machine Learning technology continuously learns how your plant operates under different conditions.
Asset Life Extension Critical insights to assist with extending the lifecycle and production of assets.
Accuracy 99% AI model accuracy (based on sufficient quality data) for accurate predictions on future faults and failures.
Platform Easy to use drag and drop web based platform. Customise your own dashboards, build your own AI models.
Optimization Reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies and increase production with optimization insights.
Cloud Platform VROC cloud based platform allows any-where access to monitor your plants assets and operations.
Cost Software as a service annual subscription allows unlimited users and unlimited prediction models to be generated by the existing client team.
Security Customer retention of data ownership, security and privacy.

Relative Business Impact

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About VROC

VROC is a predictive analytics company dedicated to ensuring that your business is able to effectively harness artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to maximise the value of your assets. Our mission is to give you back control over your data and empower you to discover valuable insights for more effective decision making.

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