Your Own Technology Platform

We offer companies the option of having their own technology platform with tailored insights for your company, on a subscription basis.

By having your own technology platform, you no longer need to build and maintain your own technology catalogue.

Instead, we offer you a restricted, customized area within the infrastructure, accessible only to your own employees.

Benefits of a customized platform for your company

We will parse through thousands of technologies in the market, filter them to what are only relevant to your needs and upload them on your own technology platform. 

This significantly reduces the amount of time and money required to identify and select the best technologies for your company.

  • By having your own technology platform, you no longer need to build and maintain your own technology catalogue. Regular updating of technology pages to reflect new developments will be managed by the supplier themselves.

  • The platform allows you to select technologies using external reviews and references as screening factors. All on the basis that if one or more companies have used a technology, and multiple people have indicated that they have good experience with the technology, it may also be a suitable tech for your company.

  • The information on your own technology platform will help to convince your colleagues at different levels. Successful usage of technologies by others gives decision makers the confidence that the technology can also add value to their project.

Basic Functionality

We will  provide you with the tools to select the most relevant technologies from, and make the choices visible to employees across assets and projects. This significantly reduces the amount of time required by your staff to screen for solutions and to keep the technology overview  up-to-date. 

A demo version can be made available upon request. Contact us to learn more.


Additional Functionality

On top of the basic functionality, additional features & services can be added to extract maximum value. We can guide you in selecting additional functionalities that can be valuable for your business.

An element that we recommend to add right from the start would be the Benchmarking suite. The Benchmarking suite consists of two elements:

Matrix of technologies versus companies


In an easy-to-digest overview, it shows which technologies have already been used by other companies or within your organization, with a level of granularity that exceeds beyond what is made available on the public (free) platform. This gives decision makers in assets and projects the confidence that the technology can also work for them.


Benchmarking of technologies against alternatives

Technologies can be benchmarked against each other by using our Tech Positioning Programme. 

To accomplish this, technologies are assessed against ~30 criteria. The outcome of the Tech Positioning Programme is instrumental in defining the business impact of the technology for your business, as well as the ease of getting the technology sustainably embedded. 

A toolkit for carrying out the Tech Positioning Programme is embedded within your company platform. It comes with a full description of the Tech Positioning Programme, so your staff can perform the benchmarking in a consistent way. 


The price of your own technology platform depends on various factors, including:

  • Size of your company (number of users)

  • The specific insights that you would like to receive

  • The functionality & services of the platform requested by the company


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