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Simple and intuitive calculation of heat losses and energy costs

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Sunday, April 4, 2021 - 19:00

The intuitive and easy to understand user guidance of our free online calculation program enables you to easily calculate heat losses and energy costs for technical insulation applications. You obtain the information in just 5 steps and have reliable results due to VDI-certified calculation methods.

Our highly professional and internationally experienced specification team is ready to support your needs at any time. So we developed a user-friendly thermal calculator called Exper-teK which provides the following benefits to its users.



Intuitive and easy user guidance
Online at any time and free of charge
Uncomplicated thermal calculation and energy costs calculation in 5 steps
Suggestion of the best material solutions
Available in various languages
VDI-certified / ISO 12241 calculation methods
Calculations on pipes, ducts, vessels and flat surfaces
Only available online


Certifications/ Licenses VDI certified and ISO 12241 based calculation methods.
Software Free of charge online application.
Inspection Energy audits for thermal heat losses and energy efficiencies.
Flexibility Easy to use anywhere at any time via mobile devices.
Thermal conductivity Calculation of best recommended insulation material and thickness for defined applications.

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About Knauf Insulation

As the specialist for technical insulation in the Knauf Group, we produce energetically and structurally optimised insulation materials and systems. With our Mineral Wool range, we ensure optimum sustainable insulation in industry, HVAC, and shipbuilding. With our production facilities throughout Europe, we guarantee reliable and customer-orientated deliveries.

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