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Visualise, analyse, present and share massive 3D data

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November 25 2022

Create unlimited size projects with up to one-millimetre resolution with geolocated analysis, AI, AR and live feed interactions and share your whole project with your clients operating with standard internet bandwidths and GPUs.


Visualise your environment with unlimited geospatial size point-cloud and photogrammetry data files
Combine everything in one project including geolocated live feeds, IoT, AR, image, video and document files
Present on the fly with high resolution screenshots and video recording
Share the whole project to all stakeholders with standard spec computers and internet bandwidths
Powerful analysis with measurement, section and visualisation tools
Flexible usage with software download, in-browser and SDK
udStream is desktop software and browser on desktop only (not supported on mobile devices)


Data Analysis Supporting all major file types for ease of use.
Areas of Application Used by industries like mining, engineering and government.
Accuracy Using world-class geospatial positioning.
Documentation Store 15GB of visual data across 3 projects, for free.
Visualisation Capture your model area using a camera with LiDAR capabilities.
Collaboration Viewable by those with your models unique access link and a free Euclideon Access License.

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About Euclideon

Euclideon is a cutting-edge 3D data technology company that innovates with solutions like udStream. With an enviable pedigree in digital transformation in 3D data consolidation, streaming and sharing, Euclideon has evolved into a world leader in 3D data management and visualisation solutions.

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