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As a Tech Expert, you want to use your team's skills and expertise to help clients with their tech. Finding new projects and acquiring new customers is a necessary evil, right?!  

What if you can find projects and customers easier at a far lower cost? 

On a Tech Expert page we help companies that use their technical expertise to support end-users with the deployment of technology to showcase their skills. Service providers can also register for a Tech Expert page to display the technologies that they support.

By registering as a Tech Expert on, you can attract more highly qualified leads because your expertise is visible to potential customers in the energy sector. 


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Reach potential clients by showcasing your Technical Expertise on

By clearly distinguishing yourself, companies will see why they need YOU to get these technologies deployed. Your Tech Expert page enables you to:

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Attract new clients for your business

  • Highlight your in-house expertise

  • Gain recognition in the energy sector by writing reviews for technologies based on your technical expertise

  • Be visible to our users as ‘Tech Expert’ next to technologies within your field of expertise

  • Highlight technologies for which you can support end-users with deployment

  • Highlight previous implementation projects and lists technologies that you've worked with previously

Analytics Dashboard to Track your Page Visitors and More!

Discover companies that are interested in your services. Use the analytics dashboard to gain insights into the number of page views, as well as, see which companies are visiting your page.

Get more exposure by hosting a Masterclass

We can help you create unforgettable Webinars or Masterclasses that not only create business opportunities, but also drive engagement and involvement within the space. Next to your FREE listing, you can choose to do a Masterclass to showcase your technical expertise (See pricing page for more details). Here's how you can benefit:

  • Global exposure to platform users (16X more Visibility than the FREE Listing)

  • Use our marketing channels to reach qualified leads around the world ( i.e. Newsletter and Social Media Networks)

  • Q&A facilitated by our team of experts

  • Hosted during several time slots, so people across the globe can watch the webinars live

  • Refund in case of low amount of registrants


Showcase your Expertise with Sponsored Content

Position your firm as a thought leader by adding a case study or blog on

Sponsored content package includes the following:

  • 1 Case study and 1 Blog on 

  • Sponsored content featured in Newsletter

  • Promoted on all Social Media Channels

  • Free headline consulting and editing suggestions

  • Hosted for a minimum of 1 year with direct links to your Webinars or Masterclass

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