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A weldless flange solution

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September 30 2022

Quickflange® technology provides high performance weldless, flange to pipe connections. The patented technology is a permanent solution for improving pipeline integrity and flow assurance. Quickflange®, allows for "cold work" pipe modification with a vast range of size and pressure ratings for most applications.


No welding preparation, inspection or habitat requirements
Fast repair times reducing shutdown
Permanent long-term solution
Easy to install
Less manpower required compared to a weld
Client technicians can be trained to carry out the install themselves
Can only be applied on straight sections of pipe


Accuracy Highly accurate compared to welded connections as the connection is based on groove technology allowing for more accurate cutting and replacement of spool sections.
Asset life extension Quickflange is extensively used to repair/replace corroded pipelines both onshore and offshore from sizes ¾” through to 14”.
Compliance DNV certified, ABS Type Approved. ASME Code compliant (Flange) and B31.3 (Offshore Piping Code) 95% of the flanges sold are ASME B16.5 standard. EEMUA 145 for CuNi.
Cost Cost effective solution | Reduced manpower | Higly efficient | Fast turnarounds with “off the shelf” product available.
Lifespan Permanent solution for improving pipeline integrity and flow assurance.
Pressure class Quickflange is type approved from #150 through to #600 however we have and can provide solutions up to #1500. The most common applications are typically #150 and #300
Repairs Can be used on pipelines to address corrosion issues by cutting and installing a new pipe spool.
Repeatability ICR.IAS JV has installed over 6,500 weldless connections in a range of size and pressure ratings.
Safety No hot work.
Speed Shorter installment times when compared to welding.

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About ICR.IAS Joint Venture

ICR Integrity Ltd (ICR) is a leading provider of maintenance, repair and production solutions for the offshore oil and gas, power, defence, nuclear, utilities and renewables industries worldwide. ICR has a proven and diverse track record delivering bespoke, internationally accredited products and services, with an unrivalled track record in performance and safety. ICR has headquarters in Aberdeen which includes engineering and back-office support services, and operational hubs in the UK, UAE, USA, Norway and a JV partner in Australia. With more than 90 years of combined experience and over 200 employees around the world, ICR provides smarter solutions with innovative thinking to overcome clients’ maintenance and integrity challenges.

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